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In This World Today

I must say you would really have to be on the  lucky side of the coin in the 'let's get published' line of the world today. After following comments from some agents on twitter I am totally discouraged. The truth of the matter is a writer is basically at the whim or mood of the agent. I tend to wonder if a perfectly manicured manuscript would survive in their hands. Whoa, wait a minute the perfect manuscript may never get in their hands because there are so many different 'wants' needed to even get a query in front of them. I have become totally confused (after reading different blogs) with what is the best thing to say in the before mentioned query or the bend your back and beg me letter as I now see it. How can a manuscript be judged by the first three to five words of a query? Sometimes I thing ego over rules everything.

The publishing industry tends to look down on self-publishing but think it is great if one of their 'brand named' organizations start self publishing businesses. I have seen one that is offering the same kind of services I have learned to do on my own, but I bet my book would be labeled as trash if I were to push it towards them.

All self published books are not bad and it seems wrong that a potential best sellers was looked over because the author had enough faith in their work to try and get it in the public eye. I see no difference in a traditionally published book failing to meet quota than a self-published book. The 'real book' still failed even with the greatness of agents and the publishing industry behind it. In the publishing world second chance is a death sentence.

In this world today you would really have to be lucky to be 'chosen' by the best agent, get the right information, and blow the reader's mind with a true best seller and not just an industry fad.