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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

WADE-IN PUBLISHING.COM Fiction and non-fiction that expounds on topics we all discuss within the comforting tight circles of our closest friends. Topics such as race, children books, family, personal relations, the welfare system, old school child rearing and childcare. E-book publications. Novels that make you ask.... AM I REALLY THE PERSON I CLAIM TO BE?
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Debney Nichole Armstrong's Journal of Lies

Truculent and defiant teenagers are not unusual, but ones that have to face one tragedy after another and deal with the consequences of their reaction to them are not.

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The Fishing Trip

When do you cross the line from being the 'hero' to be coming the monster? Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten. As an adult and tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, he decides to take the law into his own hands. His fishing excursions are to die for.

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THE PERFECT SOLUTION-A Suspense of Choices

"I placed the most precious thing in my life in your hands and you people did not take your job seriously." Anger destroys a relationship.;A teenaged babysitter decides to go to college. A single parent places her child in daycare. A three year old is mistakenly given to a stalker by his pre-school teacher. A suspenseful analysis of choices and how those choices affect the people around us.

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"Gillean is the middle daughter. She sometimes feels neglected and left out. Between the Two of Them explores the advantages and disadvantages of being the middle child and shows how Gillean discovers she has a special 'uniqueness' in the family."

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NOT A SOUND, NOT A PEEP shows how the family in prose and illustrations handles the nightmares of Mhia, the youngest child in the family.

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Mhia is so upset about not being able to hug the sun her mom tell her the story of the antics the sun goes through to get a hug and she learns a little science in the end. Who Will Hug the Sun is part of a series of picture books titled IN MY SISTER’S WORLD

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Ever wondered what America's history would look like if every race was included in one book? Celebrated daily? History was written in more than Black and White and Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History lauds loudly the accomplishments of all races that helped make America the great country it has become. America’s glorious multi-racial history is finally acknowledged.

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Francis X. Donnelly
Detroit News reporter
I planned a trip to Detroit after returning from Birmingham and before going to Houston- where my mother was being honored by The Honey Brown Hope Foundation. I called Frank, explained to him about our journey and how I would be in Detroit July 27, 2015. My purpose was to interview him for my mother's second book "Pride Restored" Civil Rights Activist Mamie King-Chalmers Memoirs. He stated that he would be honored to be in the book, and he would be really honored to have me interview him. 
Mr. Donnelly stated that throughout his career as a Journalist he has never been Interviewed. I found that to be wonderful. His first interview and it would be done by me, Excellent I thought. Frank stated that once I was finish interviewing him he would interview me for the article he was writing about my mother and I. We set the date for Friday July 31, 2015 at Detroit News Office @1pm

Friday July 31, 2015:

Kandi: What was your childhood like and where did you grow up?
Frank: Woodbridge New Jersey a suburb of New York , 20 miles from the city.
Kandi: What inspired you to become a Journalist? 
Frank: I have always loved sports. In high school, I made the decision to become a Journalist. When I went to college I became interested in politics
Kandi: What are some of the major stories you have written about?
Frank: Your Mother Mamie was my biggest story, actually the most important one also. She played a important role in the Children Crusade for the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham Alabama 1963. She was ignored and lied about which was sad. Your mother was definitely one of my biggest stories. I Thank you for that Kandi.
Kandi: Your Welcome Thank you for writing the story. Which one of the many stories you have written was the most touching? and why?

Frank: Your Mother, because of what happened to her and for history purposes she played a major part in the Children Crusade. 
Kandi: When you first received my letter what we're your thoughts? 
Frank: Your letter touched me, for some reason your letter ranged true for so many  reasons. It seem truthful, you indicated so many things, that were true and known to be true. I have been a reporter for over 30 years, so you can tell when a person is telling the truth. With that being said, If what was stated in your letter is true. This is a very important story, for History and for the Civil Rights Movement. Once I started checking it out, calling people in Birmingham. All the facts started lining up as you stated in your letter. It was Mamie King who was in the front lines of the Children Crusade with evidence and pictures (lots of pictures) to back it up.
Kandi: Before you contacted me, I know you had started doing your investigation. (I knew that because I am a reporter a talk show host, so we must have our facts together) Were there any doubts in your mind about my mother's story?
Frank: I felt this were true and you had significant facts in your letter. For some reason your letter ranged true immediately after I started reading it. It caught my attention immediately. 
Kandi: What made you decide you would take my mothers Crusade on and write her story?
Frank: It started with your letter, without you writing me I would not have known. History needed to be corrected. Your mother lives in Detroit, this story was about a Detroiter. The Detroit News and I felt the connection and this was a chance to correct history. To right a wrong that was done to your mother.
Kandi: After initially speaking with me what we're your thoughts about our conversation?
Frank: Because in your letter you had laid out the facts. I was struck by your dedication to help your mother. Also your emotion I heard in your voice, you spoke very intelligently. Your intuitive thoughts, about your mother life and story captivated me. I said to myself here is a daughter that is sincerely dedicated to helping her mother, and getting her story out.
Kandi: Yes I am, Thank you
Kandi: When you met and interviewed my mother what we're your thoughts?
Frank: She is Civil Rights Activist Mamie King-Chalmers so I came with ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES. I brought cameramen, we did the interview and a video. I also returned for a second day, so we at The Detroit News made it a 2 day event. When I first met her she had such charm and grace about herself with a humble spirit. For a person who was of such Great Importance in the Children Crusade for the Civil Rights Movement. Who has had their entire Life, Images, Identity, Accomplishments, Experiences and most All Their Pride STOLEN, REMOVED, and IGNORED for nearly 30 years. She was not Bitter she was quite elated to see me and my team. Her Courage, Bravery and Humbleness surprised me. She was so nice and a very gentle and intelligent person who knew everything about the Civil Rights Movement and the people who were involved. She spoke very gracefully.
Kandi: After hearing the entire story about how my mother's identity was stolen and hidden for years what we're your thoughts? 
Frank: It was disgusting that the impostor says she made a mistake after 25 plus years of claiming Mamie's Life. To go around all those years claiming and deceiving the world and history off of Mamie's true life experiences and accomplishments were very disturbing. 
Kandi: Were there any road blocks during your investigation? If so, what were they?'
Kandi: The impostor caused road blocks, she really wouldn't talk to me, besides the phone call. I really wish I could have interviewed the Photographer Charles Moore who took all of your mother's photos during the Demonstrations. It seems as if he followed her with the camera. So many photos were taken of her.
Kandi: Were you or the Detroit News ever successful in contacting Oprah Winfrey and her Producers?
Frank: No, Never, We have reached out to the show and Oprah countless of times. We have never received a response back. We also sent out for old show tapes and transcripts and never received them.
Kandi: Are you a Democrat or Republican? Who is your candidate for President? and Why?
Frank: I am a Independent as a reporter we have to be careful, on our voting we don't want to show favoritism. My pick would be Hillary Clinton she will break the wall and become the first woman President. 
Kandi: What is your favorite food 
Frank : Italian, Lasagna 
Kandi: Have you accomplished your goals in life?
Frank: One of My goals is to write a book, maybe you Kandi, can help me with that, being that you have started your own publishing company Kandi Kane Ent. How would people contact you with their manuscripts?
Kandi: I would be honored to help you, for you helped My mother, for that we are totally grateful. People can contact me or send manuscripts to lasuria83@gmail.com and also call me 909-264-0878 & 947-282-0053.
Kandi: Are you married with children? 
Frank: I am Divorced, I have a daughter Olivia who lives in Florida 
Kandi: Is there anything that you have learned being a reporter about the world we live in today?
Frank: Well I believe that President Obama has done a great job. He has left the next coming President sitting good.
Kandi: What are your views on police brutality?
Frank: It's funny that you ask me that. Our boss wants us to tweet about, The College Police officer in Ohio. People nowadays do not have faith in police officers because of some of the problems that they are dealing with The murders of unarmed black men. I believe faith can be restored in each and every neighborhood if everyone works together.
Kandi: Yes, that is one of my mottoes "Together We Can Make A Difference." I would like to take this time to Thank you and The Detroit News for investigating and  writing my mother story and Introducing her to the world for that we are truly grateful. You gave my mother and our family Our Legacy Back, I 
Thank you, and we thank you Sir.
Frank: You’re welcome and thank you too. Kandi you are a wonderful daughter, you are a great investigator, reporter, writer and talk show host. Welcome to the world of Journalism. You will be very great as a Journalist. Also you may use myself and The Detroit News on your resumes. Much success young lady,
Kandi: Awwwwwwwww Thank you for this opportunity.

Kandi Kane Entertainment.
For booking or Interviews contact me at
909-264-0878 and lasuria83@gmail.com
Facebook:Author Lasuria Allman

Grab a copy of the first American history book to feature the biography of Mrs. Mamie-King Chalmers. Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History written by Ey Wade.


Posted by Ey Wade

“Sorting out who played more important roles, or who got their photo taken, isn't as important,”
said Hezekiah Jackson IV, president of the Birmingham chapter of the NAACP said. "I don’t think it matters in the full scheme of things," he said. "Some people take it personally."-via Greg Garrison,Birmingham News Senior reporter. May 3, 2013

I think it matters greatly, and if it did not, why does The NAACP collects the names of 1963 activists as part of its Foot Soldiers Finder Project? I believe it matters in the case of Mamie King Chalmers, a great fighter for justice, equality and freedom of the American Black race, the truth matters to her, her legacy, and to the pages of history.

We must remember our beads by the deeds they have accomplished. The inability of Mamie King Chalmers to claim her image from day one, as depicted in Life Magazine, to freely stand and declare her place in history was misaligned and eventually corrected, but the hurt remains. Our words matter enormously. The way we choose to use our words to negate, apologize or honor matters to that particular person, their legacy, and I dare to say- to the audience bearing witness to your apology.  
Mamie has continued her calling by helping others throughout her life and will continue to do so.
I want to express my thanks for all she endured as a youth fighting to attain the civil rights for African Americans which we tend to take for granted. May her fight for justice and equality flow through the blood of her lineage and the fight continue until it is no longer needed.

 In the life of the Black American, there are many who have been forgotten, ignored, and their contributions to our history, distorted and misrepresented. I am honored to include Mamie King-Chalmers within the pages of Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History and ecstatic to be able to include my thoughts into the novel, Pride Restored which depicts her life as an American activist. Join me in getting to know more about an American icon and history maker.

 Mamie Ruth King was born June 19, 1941 in Birmingham, Alabama to a modest, working class family which consisted of five sisters and five brothers. Her father was Berry King Sr., a coal miner for Tennessee Coal and Iron Hampton Slopes Mines in the subdivision of Pratt City, died in 1965 of Black Lung Disease after years of working in inhumane.mine conditions. Her mother, Mattie Marlowe-King, worked untiringly at Marshall Durbin Chicken Factory in order to provide necessities for the family. Mamie’s Great Grandfather Abe King was a slave at John King plantation in Morango County, working but never fulfilling a debt because the money was taken from him. The conditions of his life and the mistreatment of others living under the threat of Jim Crow Laws, she was inspired to work for a change.
Mrs. Chalmers, I know there were so many things going on during the Civil Rights era that needed to change, what made you become an activist? Was there a specific incident or many? How old were you when you first became involved?

There were plenty of reasons and incidents that caused me to get involved in the Children Crusade for The Civil Rights Movement.  There was lynching, Racism, Segregation, Jim Crow Laws that govern us, Ordinances, Rapes, Police Brutality, Bombings, Unfair treatment of people of color, Poor housing, Unemployment, School system a complete failure, Harassment, the list goes on.  Taxation without full representation these were the reasons I fought and march for people of colored.  I became an Activist for the Liberation of our people who had suffered so much.  I was very young when I learned firsthand about racism from my great grandfather Abe King.  He was a slave/share cropper on the King plantation in Morango County, Alabama.  After seeing the fearful life he led, and him afraid to leave the land.  These were the things that inspired me to become an activist  in The Civil Rights Movement.  I got seriously involved at the age of 21 and became an organizer.  I participated everyday leading the way, I remain in the forefront throughout the demonstration.

You were involved with many marches and demonstrations, the incident concerning the water hose, the iconic picture, and your identity being stolen, shows the epitome of the continued struggle for equality and recognition. I think everyone, especially where a name can be associated with an incident should be given their applause. What were your thoughts when you found out someone else was getting the glory for your contribution to history?

 I couldn't believe it, for all the people in Birmingham who actually participated knew it was I Mamie King in all of the photos.  Which I was always in the forefront which was captured on film and pictures and use for history purposes.  There were so many pictures of me that Charles Moore had taken.  Why didn't the imposter claim any of them?  Surely you could see it was the same person; Me.
 I was targeted by Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connors whenever he saw me he sent the dogs after me.  The day of my hosing, Bull spotted me and sent the dogs after me.  I ran for dear life seeking shelter, to a building across from Kelly Ingram Park.  Bull order the Fire department to hose me, he gave them a direct order.  "Turn the hoses on those niggas so they don't have to take a bath."  The force of water was like bricks being hurled at my body, I am deaf in my right ear because of it.
 Those were my experiences, I spent five days in jail, braved horrible conditions.  My entire family participated, My father Berry King Sr. provide lunches and transportation to and from the Demonstrations.  My brothers Berry Jr and Clarence King marched along side of me and were arrested too.  There are photos of my sisters Mellissa and Ora marching with me.  My brother Berry, was captured in photos with me also.  I was an organizer so I went door to door in my neighborhood and outside communities gathering people to march.

So, to have someone steal My Life, My Identity, Accomplishments, Experiences and most of all my Pride and claim it as their own was unbelievable.  Especially being that I'm still alive to verify that she, Carolyn Maull Mckinstry, was an imposter. The late Tommy Wrenn Chairman of the Civil Rights Committee knew it was me for we had marched together.  I was told by Shirley Gavin-Floyd that he had looked for me for years before he expired.  The imposter picked the wrong photo to claim for I have been diligently fighting for Civil Rights for 50+ years.
 I am happy that my daughter LaSuria Kandi Allman was able to capture the attention of The Detroit News and Francis X Donnelly who wrote about my story.  It was the 50th anniversary of actual day of my hosing when the articles about my Crusade For Justice were released.  Divine Intervention

What kind of things are you continuing to do to support African Americans and other people of color?
 I have been active in Civil Rights, Voter registration, feeding and clothing the homeless, Committee for Shoes for Liberia, I sits and comfort the terminally ill patients at hospices.  I set programs up for children, Call to Care Ministry the list goes on.  There is nothing I haven't  done, I have contributed my time, effort, money etc. into helping others.

If there was something you could have done differently through the struggle, what would it be? Would it have made a difference in a specific outcome?

 There is nothing I would change about our experiences of being on the front lines for equality and The Civil Rights Movement.  For it was rewarding within itself a Life Lesson Learned.  I would do it all over again If I had to.

Thank you, Mrs.Chalmers for taking time out of your schedule to take part in this interview, I have enjoyed getting to know you better.  And thank you so much for being a very important Bead in our history.

In honor of her mothers crusade for justice, LaSuria Allman has written two books "Her Stolen Pride" which is available  at the Book Patch

Take time to go over and visit LaSuria through her interview we had from earlier.

  Mamie has continued her calling by helping others throughout her life and will continue to do so. Mamie has 9 children, 22 Grandchildren, 3 Great Grandchildren.


Ey Wade is an author within several genres, the one she calls her legacy Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined History
All publications by Ey Wade can be found at these locations. Go out and feed your reader!

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Posted by Ey Wade
Lasuria Kandi Allman has worked tirelessly in the effort to get her mother recognized within the pages of history. It is one thing to be looked over for your contributions and a fine horrible thing to have someone else reap the benefits of all you have accomplished. She will not let her mother's contribution, unjustifiable arrests, and the lasing effect of down right torture to slip through their fingers,to be grasped and rewarded to another.

Lasuria Allman & Her mother- Mamie King-Chalmers

Daughter of Civil Rights Activist, Mamie King-Chalmers, Author, Writer, Poet, Co-host of ‘News, Views & Alerts w/ Yaa Kindred Spirit – Featuring: LaSuria, Civil Rights Activist, Black History Researcher, Community Service Coordinator for ‘Feeding My Neighbor’ Project, 14 yr. Member of Detroit Parents Network. Volunteers at Doolittle Center in Las Vegas helps feed the homeless & a member of ‘The Shrines of the Black Madonna Pan-African Church’ in affiliation United Christ Church -  40+ yrs Married, Mother of Jamal & Alante – Future Goals: to become a successful screen & script writer.

What made you write the novel Her Stolen Pride?
 My mother, Mamie King-Chalmers, life was stolen.  Her images, experiences, accomplishments, most of all her pride was stolen.  I wanted the world to know her and what she has done for humanity.
My Mother had been ignored by the world and the people who helped perpetrate a lie for nearly 30 years.  It's a true story,  key players are Movie Stars, Newscasters, city officials and ministers who covered up a lie for years, for their benefit.  My Mother suffered many of those years trying to set the record straight.  Her Stolen Pride is about my mother's Crusade For Justice.

How has the book been received in the historical realm of life?
 At this current time I am working towards having both of my mother's books placed in Libraries and Schools across the world.  Also, I have been trying to contact President Obama in order to officially honor my mother for her great work, contributions  participation, and as an organizer- standing her ground to the Children Crusade for The Civil Rights Movement.   Despite being targeted by Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connors,  serving 5 days in jail under horrible inhumane conditions, upon Mother's release and a meal at the Gaston Hotel, she immediately returned to the forefront.
 Throughout her bravery and courage she feared not for herself and her own safety and life.  Her thoughts were for children coming after her, for their lives and their children's lives.  So that day May 3, when Bull Connors spotted her again he ordered the fire department to turn the hoses on those "Niggas so they don't have to take a bath."  Black Star photographer Charles Moore captured my mother in over hundred pictures which are now featured in Movies, books, history, documentaries, magazines etc.

So, in 1997 your mom found out her identity as the icon in the photograph was being claimed by someone else. Have you met, Alabamian Reverend Carolyn Maull Mckinstry, the person inadvertently assigned your mother’s place in history? Has there been an apology?

  No, we never met the imposter. We have attempted to contact her for the last 25 years.  We received one response from her claiming she was in the photo, with news clippings etc.  Which letters were sent to her demanding that ease her lies and claims.  R&B recording artist Anita Baker's lawyer sent letters to her at the request of my mother and her longtime friend Brenda Phillip-Hong who worked for the artist.  She never apologize to my mother for stealing her life, she only apologized to the deceased photographer Charles Moore.  Yet her Ministry speaks of forgiveness and reconciliation.  That is another scam for she has yet to apologize to my mother and clear her own slate,  She has shamed herself, her family, and Birmingham Alabama, Black History and The Civil Rights Movement for her
Your second book concerning your mother is Pride Restored. Tell us about this book
 Pride Restored will take you on my mother's journey of receiving her name and her life back.  The road of being honored and recognized for the good work she has done and continues to do.

What made you write it?
 The world needs to know my mother Mamie King-Chalmers.  For so long people knew and accepted the Imposter.  I want the world to know the truth, and what happened to my mother.

 Are there any other books in your future?
Yes, I have started my own publishing company called "Kandi Kane Ent.".
 I have 4 books published the titles are; Her Stolen Pride,  What People Do For Money, Buried Dreams, and My Street Life, available at TheBookPatch.com.  My Coming Soon books are; Pride Restored, The Players, Roll The Dice, Burna Block, and Strawberry's Letter.  Also Kandi Kane Ent is publishing for other authors; Get Up Time To Ride by James Gibson, Cooking With Sam by Sarmarra Burks, The Magic Hair Crew by Rebecca, Zion, Carcello Jr. Burks all due out this year.

  All my books can be purchased through TheBookPatch.com
Currently I'm in preparation of having a direct site to purchase books, Tshirts, Candles, Soaps, Posters, Key chains, Mugs etc. under both Stolen Pride and Kandi Kane Ent.
For booking  Mamie King-Chalmers and LaSuria Kandi Allman please contact me at lasuria83@gmail
909-264-0878 also for any additional information or publishing.
 Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.


Ey Wade is an author within several genres, the one she calls her legacy Beads on a Sting-America's Racially Intertwined History
All publications by Ey Wade can be found at these locations. Go out and feed your reader!

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Posted by Ey Wade
In case you haven't heard, This is Beads on a String, America's only multiracial history book to celebrates the contributions of ALL races/ethnicity to America's growth.
 "In all sincerity I have to say it is a work of subtle genius.This is the story of the heroes of our collective past. What is incredibly moving is that so many of these heroes have gone unsung for so long. "- Johnathan Ellis

History is written in more than black and white.

Releasing her first creative non-fiction American History book Ey Wade takes you through time and life stories to show you the multitude or races who helped make America the great country it is. Where in history can you find people from every ethnicity combined and having the story told of how they contributed to America? Beads on a String, America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History lauds loudly the accomplishments of all people who helped make America the great country it has become. Beads on a String is America’s first multiracial history book. Sometimes we forget history is for the formation of the future.

Why did I write Beads on a String- America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History?

It started off as a home-schooling Black history month project with my youngest daughter. One day my daughter and I were on the subject of Black History Month. We were irritated and frustrated (as a lot of people are) about the fact history of such a great race is illuminated once a month and on the shortest month and then she asked "When is White history month?"
"Everyday," I answered. Then (as children do) she started asking for the month of each race and the book where they were all included...there were none. We decided to make one. We should all be celebrated and recognized on the daily.

Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History book is the first and only book to bring America's racial history together within one binding. My desire is to encourage unification in our understanding of contributions and worthiness of all races. I think it is way past time Americans realize history was written in more than Black and White and help our children learn this daily. Words can either hurt or heal and either way their effect can last an eternity.
My belief is:
I feel that we as Americans are all equal and held together by a common thread.  Like a treasured beaded necklace of different colors held together on a string, we are held together by our necessities and our circumstances and our humanity.  Every color helps to make the necklace beautiful. We can never be a totally separate entity! Americans of all colors are so integrated that if we hurt one, we hurt all. Just like that necklace of treasured beads, leave one out and the gap is seen. Break the chain and many of us are lost.~Ey Wade
Press Kit
All publications by Ey Wade can be found at these locations. Go out and feed your reader!
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All publications by Ey Wade can be found at these locations. Go out and feed your reader!

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Posted by Ey Wade

All for the Cause

“There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them are without signification.” 1 Corinthians 14:10

Oh, but to be free. Free in speeches and movement. To have the right to peace of mind, education, employment, extended to every neighbor regardless of age, race or sex.

 Throughout the history of America, there have been organizations and individuals who have fought for justice and equality in the lives of the citizens.

 Through the steps of these individuals and organizations we are now able to stand freely. How sad it is that lives were lost for the flag and we now fight for the right to step on, spit on, tear up and burn that same flag, our symbol of freedom and unity.The right for racial and social equalization continues and will continue as long as man breathes.

We are a selfish entity believing we are better than another because of our race, religion or sexual orientation. Our unification should grow because of our differences and if we are honest with ourselves we would see our differences are only skin deep. In religion, anyone can choose which path to follow. In education, we can all go as far as we choose. In jobs or professionalism, whether or not to be a parent, or who to marry all are choices. So tension in the world boils down to the color of a person’s skin.

Of all the races I believe the dark skinned are the least tolerated, especially the American Blacks. How many times have we been the scapegoat as kidnapper, murder, or thief without truth? How many times have we been judged as sell-outs or ignorant because of skin color? I think its because we are not valued as a people. As individuals who have given to society, but always seen as takers.

Maybe if true history, not the whitewashed version of the contributions of each ethnicity was taught, we would all learn to value each other. Beads on a String is the only history book that includes all races within it's cover. Divided only by the year and role in contribution. Activism, Teaching, Arts, etc.

In the history book, Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History chapter three is titled Voices of Change and has a section dedicated to activism and the people who stepped out to confront the injustices directed at people of specific ethnicity.  The author begins the chapter with a small bit of history pertaining to members of her family. These members (father and cousin) fought and succeeded in the desegregation of what is now Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. How many of us cannot find a single member of their family who has participated in the formation of history? It doesn’t matter the color of your skin or your belief system we have all voiced and accomplished a change.

Being part of a cause means more than marching and shouting for personal wishes to be met. It is a chance to make a change in behavior and thought patterns in areas from equal rights in housing, education, socialization, and sexual orientation. We need to practices tolerance. Tolerance is such a huge word to ponder. In order to tolerate someone or something we have to step out of our comfort zone. The hardest thing in man’s mind is to be tolerant of another or to keep an open mind. We judge without thought because something or someone is different. As long as we (Black) people have been in America you would assume we were a part of America. Though we strive to be like our White counterparts, accepted unconditionally we are still fighting. We fight for what to be called Colored, Black, Negro, African-American. When it comes to filling forms I write in ‘why’.  I’m not a label. I say, learn my name and call me by it or call me by the color of clothes I wear, or the location I’m standing until you find out my name.

I sometimes wonder if we fight a losing battle because the battle is not against ‘us’ per say, but against a sense of shame. Shame for an action is hard to wipe away. You can apologize but as long as the object of shame is seen, the shame is still there. We, if only seen as a ‘casing’ or a vessel cannot change, as a thinking individual we can cause enormous changes.

Thank you for stopping by. Now that you've had the chance to enjoy a little of my writing. Please check out my other books and visit my .COM at http://wade-inpublishing.com to see other blogs and videos.

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    Why Write?

    I have heard, many times in my life, if you want to hide something from a Black person you should either write it down or put it in a book. That adage may have been true in the times when educating the slave was discouraged, but now I wonder if it can be said for most of the races of people in general.

    We're in a flash mode of communication. We’re connecting to the person next to us with slap happy speed. We’re texting, while eliminating most of the vowels, twittering instead of having conversations, and short posts instead of letter writing.

    Someone questioned me about my need to write and my desire to be an author and this was after they were finished spouting the fact they believe books are too long, almost made me rethink my purpose for writing. There are many reasons I write and in the end, it always comes back to one thing:

    I write for my daughters, so they will have something tangible left in the world after I am gone to make them proud of me.

    I write for my grandson, so that he can grow-up and be a man who is proud of his country, thriving and striving for higher achievement.

    .I write for my dad who took the struggle for freedom by running, literally. Running from the Klan as he and others stood to fight the segregation of my hometown's college.

    I write for those who continue to enjoy reading good books. I write for those who value the struggles many before us went through in order to learn to read. I write because every year, when February comes around I am reminded of the triumphs of my ancestors, I get a small burst of irritation when thinking how the children are not taught about these people and the other great people of all races/ethnicity on the daily and right along with their White counterpoints.

    My goal when writing, whether the reader is Black, White or all colors of the rainbow, I write for the future.

    What is your reason for writing?

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