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Okay, so news really resembles fiction or is it the other way around? Does the world copy what is written in a novel or does the novel imitate life?

 A few years ago I wrote a novel The Perfect Solution depicting the inner workings of child care and the needed diligent observance of children from their childcare providers. In the book a three year old is stalked and mistakenly given to the stalker by his pre-school teacher. It received great reviews from CPS, center owners, and childcare providers which can be viewed here-http://www.wade-inpublishing.com/p/whats-on-shelf.html. The Novel is now in ebook formation.

I see nothing has really changed.  The horrific headlines of those poor babies dying because of Jessica Tata negligence brings the childcare care system back into the limelight. After working in the childcare system for over 35 years, and after some of the things I have seen, I am not surprised.


As for the headlines regarding the gang rape of the eleven year old girl. My God I am heartily appalled. I know, at least I hope Cleveland, Texas is nothing near the same as my fictional town of Shinningbal, Texas. And yet I wonder. In Shinningbal the children are not considered the victims. In Shinningbal the adults are seen as the abused and they get away with their rapes and molestations. Uhmmm, in Shinningbal their is an avenger for the children.

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M Kathy Brown said...

Your post reminded me of this quote I once picked up from Meg Waite Clayton:

"So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around?"—Nora Ephron


Ey Wade said...

That's. Such a coincidence. Isn't the fact fiction and life are so intertwined, both amazing and a little heartbreaking?