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Does Money Make You Work Better

On twitter I posed a question about the usage of Wikipedia and one commenter suggested one of the main reasons for not using the application as a source was because the editors may not be getting paid. So? Does that mean they don't value their job? Does that mean the editors don't care about the finished product? Does that mean anyone who volunteers at something is only doing it to fill time and the outcome doesn't matter?

I should think as long as Wikipedia has been in existence their value and want for a superior product should have improved. Nothing in life is perfect and the only thing that stays the same is usually in print or in stone. And just because a reference book  or any source for that matter, is in print doesn't necessarily make it correct. It just makes it hard to change.

I don't care what the nay sayers holler about, I like Wikipedia because it is made by the people for the people.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy looking up random things on wikipedia. i dont' know how accurate the information is, but it gives me ideas for stories sometimes.

The Voice said...

Thanks for commenting. In the case of my history book I cited it as my only source, but checked out the info in other places before using. I like it.