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Hair Today-- Get Over It (We Bring the World Out)

Yes, when America went to the London Summer Olympics we brought the world out. We sent our multiracial ethnicity across the waters, accomplished some major feats and then we really did it...we lost our minds and took a major celebratory moment and used it to bash and dash the joy from a young athlete's heart. I applaud her for being strong and ignoring the ignorant adults. What does this bashing do to the ego and self esteem of Gabby and other little girls who look up to her? What a shame to waste a moment, an iota in history to be a crab and try to pull someone down.

What the heck were people thinking? As this child stated, and did it so eloquently was, ""Nothing is going to change," she said. "I'm going to wear my hair like this during beam and bar finals. You might as well just stop talking about it."?" Gabby made big a time triumph, will forever be in the pages of time, history, and yet a shadow over this major accomplishment will forever be in her mind and now in history. Her people, her American family, her African-American family cared more about the clips in her hair than the terrific accomplishment over a grueling sport. Read about her feat in London, here.

Get off your high horse you lazy, crab in the buckets and applaud this enormous asset to our history and our heritage.
Yes, we bring the world out. Let's just remember to do it with style and grace.

Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History


rhonda said...

That hurts me. Beyond that, I don't have words. Well, maybe I do:
Young women and girls have so much to worry about these days. To think that during these moments of triumph, she will look back on bless as well as ignorance breaks my heart. I pray that behind that smile and those words of wisdom, she really knows that she is talented and beautiful despite what people do to break the spirits of others by beind insensitive and superficial. That's hideous and it makes my stomach turn.

rhonda said...

although it is a blessing, I meant to say *bliss not bless

Ey Wade said...

It made me feel ill, too. No matter what she'll remember. I remember something someone said to me when I was about 10 years old. The pain is gone but the remembrance lives on. Words are eternal things.
Thanks for stopping by.

Ed Drury said...

I saw a beautiful young woman who had an amazing performance on the world stage. How on earth could anyone see otherwise? I can sadly think of only one reason. A reason which saddens and frightens me. Is this not 2012? Is it not America? I don't have any anger left for some people. Only deep shame which I have to carry for them because they don't have the common sense to feel it themselves.