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Hard Head or Big Nose? What's in a Political Party's Icon?

The Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant

This is part of my series, "Wow, I didn't know that."

In an endeavor to fill my lust for facts, history and the knowledge of all things pertaining to this  political election year, I've decided to learn the basic information about America's major political parties and share them.

I never cared much about the elections or the icons used to represent the parties until recently, very recently. Have you ever wondered who decided which animal went to which party?

 Well, during the 1828 presidential election, Andrew Jackson's opponent called him a jackass. I can only assume Jackson had a sense of humor because he decided to use the image during his campaign. Once the famous political cartoonist of the time, Thomas Nast, used it in the newspaper it became the Democrats official symbol.

I've read some articles that mention Thomas Nast as the inventor of the Republican symbol while others say he just pushed it along by putting a cartoon in Harper's Weekly in 1874 and

Republicans regard the donkey as stubborn, silly and ridiculous -- but the Democrats claim it is humble, homely, smart, courageous and loveable.

On the other hand, the Democrats think of the elephant as bungling, stupid, pompous and conservative -- but the Republicans think it is dignified, strong and intelligent.
labeling the elephant as the Republican Vote.   Fact Monster

So, do you have any idea who Thomas Nast is?
 Thomas Nast (September 27, 1840 – December 7, 1902) was a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist who is considered to be the "Father of the American Cartoon".He was the scourge of Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall political machine. Among his notable works were the creation of the modern version of Santa Claus and the political symbol of the elephant for the Republican Party. Contrary to popular belief, Nast did not create Uncle Sam (the male personification of the American people), Columbia, the female personification of American values, or the Democratic donkey, though he did popularize these symbols through his art. LEARN MORE
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