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HERE WE GO A-WASSAILING-30 days of blog visiting-@preciousthebook

I hope you have been following me as I have gone a-wassailing to blogs and websites I find inspiring, funny, educational or plainly a must read. Today I'm wassailing Precious Williams. I first started following Precious on twitter because of link I followed detailing the problem she was having with a stalker. Once I was on her site and read an excerpt from her book I astounded. I learned foster care across the waters are nothing like in America. I admire the fortitude and positive attitude that remains with her after an outstandingly tragic childhood. From her memoir we can learn a lot from our misconception of race and the strength the causes us to continue striving for better..
Feel the love Precious cuz: Here We Come A-Wassailing

Precious Williams's first book, Precious, A True Story, published by Bloomsbury in August 2010, is a memoir about growing up in trans-racial 'private foster care'.  (A US edition, titled Color Blind, is published by Bloomsbury USA). Precious's story has been featured on Sky News and  BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour and in the Daily Telegraph & the Guardian.  Her memoir was also serialized in The Times and featured as a People Magazine "Great Read," a Sunday Times "Must Read" and Elle Magazine's "Recommended Read" for August 2010. A German translation of the book, titled Farbenblind, was published in October 2010.
Since then she has been a Contributing Editor at Elle, Cosmopolitan and the Mail on Sunday's 'Night & Day' magazine.  Precious's work has also been published in The Times, Marie Claire, the Sunday Times Magazine, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, the Financial Times, Glamour, Korean Vogue, New York magazine, Wallpaper and several other publications. Her journalism focuses on health and lifestyle features and celebrity interviews.  (words from http://www.preciouswilliams.com/ )

Precious (the book) is the memoir of Precious Williams.
Both books tell the story of a London-born daughter of a Nigerian princess raised by an elderly white woman in an English housing project. The picture one on the right is the American cover.

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