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Things That make You Say What the fff...Hell!

I'm all for having friends and following on Facebook, Twitter, the different groups on the Internet highway, but sometimes the crazy has to stop.

Yesterday I ran into two things-

 1. A 'friend' I had to block because his profile pictures began losing more and more clothing at each snap. What the flesh show has to do with being a legitimate author is beyond me. Call me old, but if I'm following you its because I've checked through your profile and liked the things you wrote not your biceps or your crotch. Small little thing that it was.  Sometimes, people take the concept of being on Facebook so close to heart they think they're on the red carpet and all light shines on them. Get over it people! You are not a star and if you pay attention to the media you would realize stars fall far and in crazy spirals. Put your pants on, pick up a pen or get the heck off the podium.

2. The Black folk rant against the Black folk. A stupid rant about "Negroes" not wanting to be on the bookshelf with other "Negroes" (they're words). I almost felt the whip telling me to shut my mouth and stay in my place. I just had to say this to the mix- "It's not that we don't want to be next to the Negro we just don't want be allowed to be 'only' next to the Negro."

I don't believe the point is whether or not it is profitable to have African-American books placed throughout the bookstores or whether its best to stay segregated. I think the point is, books shouldn't be judged by whether you are a person of color or for that matter of non-color, but by the value of the words on the page. To tell the honest truth when I pick up a book I don't look at the author or their profile I look at what the book is about and whether it suits my taste.


M Kathy Brown said...

Exactly! :~)