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Mean/Gossip Girls Shouldn't be President

First of all let me just say, if I want to be governed over by a female with a loud mouth who knows next to nothing about the job of being the leader of OUR free country, I would run for President. If no one else will....why not? If I need to trust someone to ruin my life I want to be the first in line.

Second I'm not a fan of S.P. or mean/gossip girls. Every time I hear her voice or read something purposely misquoted or idiotic that has come out of her mouth I see her as the epitome of the bullying, name-calling clique' girls from middle and high school and I want to gag. The leader (whether chosen or volunteered) surrounds herself with a team that cheers and boosts her in her cruelty and belittling. All the while this  klan....uhm, gang is secretly afraid they will become a victim to her ignorant poisonous tongue and so they hold a weapon to bring her down. Mean girls never realize this and always fall in the trap.

The entourage of the mean/gossip girl will agree to anything she says, and stand as a buffer between the sanity of the real world and life as a reality star. It seems as if mean/gossip girls have it all of the attention, money, and friends. Well, not really friends just followers in need of entertainment. She's really a long running joke.

The mean/gossip girl runs around speaking without thinking, ridiculing, back-tracking and calling foul. She then (hilariously) rushes to sue when her words come back to bite her in the butt.

Third, mean/gossip girls have no reason being President. They never really learn the rules, just try to make their own. Never smart enough to retreat they just keep reloading and causing more damage. They can't take constructive criticism and their need for anger management is apparent to the deaf. A fault that could be detrimental to the lives of every inhabitant of Earth if she's anywhere near the feared button.

To end it all I do know this much. We, as Americans have three major faults. America elects men who have great hopes in serving their country as President. These men put their lives and the lives of every member of their family on the line to do this and we erroneously expect big change in a small amount of time. And we ridicule them. I applaud them for their efforts.

1.We forget about the time it takes to clean the mess from the former tenants. Mess piles on top of years of mess requires time and help.
2.We ignore the haters and the friends left behind from the former tenants who won't play nice and cause flack and gridlock to this new leader.
3.When this new leader finally starts to make a path and improve things we kick him out and vote in another poor bleeding heart sucker and we start all over. Insanity.

A final note: A parent teaches. Mean/gossip girls turn to mean women who have mean children who then become speaking members of society who dance around and blame others for causing them to say and do what they have learned from their mean/gossip girl parent.


karra said...

I laughed from the first to last paragraph. The last one is especially on point. If the cyber-bullying that Palin's youngest have been up to is any indicator, she's taught them all of her bad habits.