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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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Time Keeps on Ticking

I wonder when is it the best time in life to get a book published?

If you are really young are you a phenom and will you have the skills to pull out a new one? What if you were just a one hit wonder? Your entire little world would crumble because not only will your parents have been extremely proud (because you were their spawn)but all of your peers will think of you as a genius. Geeze, like it wouldn't have just been enough to get over a bad case of pimples.

If you are a teenager/middleager the attention would probably make you a little obnoxious and hard to be around. One because teenagers are born stars in their own mind and middleagers have the crisis to get over.
Now me, one who has stood on the mountaintop, tripped over the hard knocks in life and am now on a roll to better things can handle the time with gratitude, and the right attitude.
Now, write my name larger on the bestseller list and hand me my Noble Peace Prize.