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You Lie If You Say: I Do Not See Color

I can't understand why the world keeps trying to delude themselves with neutral comments. Honestly, you aren't a racist if you see color. It means you aren't blind.

Come closer, no closer and I'll tell you a secret:

It is what you do with your vision of color and how you treat the other person which determines your state of racism.
Now, if you ask me if I see color, I'll have to say, "Hell yes,  I see colors."
 I learned them in kindergarten." Do I let it determine how I treat another person? No. Do I let the misconception of another person determine how I love or treat myself?  No.

In kindergarten, I learned each of the colors by name and decided I loved them all. I have no favorite color.

Recently, I read a post on a topic I thought had died, but why would it? The same thing has been going on since Jim Crow era, established the paper bag test, and continues today.  The ridiculous internal race war between cultures. Light Skin Versus Dark Skin Debate.There are varied renditions of this bias in every ethnicity. For some idiotic reason the entire world decided the porcelain skin tone was the color to be. Even the White people don't believe that. If they did, why are they preferring to tan and take a chance of dying from skin cancer for a little color? The issue with pigmentation  is more than skin deep. It lies in the internal psyche of man and the only way to change the miseducation is to retrain the thinking pattern. Toss the stereotype and learn the beauty and humanity of an ethnicity, one person at a time. If you look closely, even the crayons in the boxes are different. Same company (WORLD) different perception.

This video shows how hate is serious between the Black race. It's sad how our children have no qualm in showing disrespect to people of their own race.

One of the main reasons the color strife continues is because of the lack of history education in schools. 12 years a Slave book/ movie should be required reading/viewing once a child reaches the age of 12(middle school) ,the age of enlightenment. Or earlier if your child can handle it. Then they will realize,  not one person or color is better than another.

All races have gone through some form of domination, cruelty, and slavery. Some totally worse than others, but we need to work pass that.

We need to teach our children better. Not by teaching the same things in a different form or media. Not by celebrating one group this month and another the next, that's just keeping the rift alive. I mean get together and acknowledge everyone. Color can not be washed out. We must work together.We must celebrate everyone.

I believe schools should teach a full, truthful  American history on the daily, where every race is congratulated on their accomplishments and contributions to the growth of America. Another way to teach pride in everyone. America was not built on Black and White.
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