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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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aReintroducing Black History to America #BHM

My view of Black History Month is to compare it to a scab over a deep wound.
The wound sits, healing and scabbing over for ten months, then comes January and Martin Luther King celebrations, the scab is picked at until its sore and parts of the wound is exposed. In February the scab is completely pulled off and the wound exposed. Fiddled with, poked at until it is raw and bleeding. Everyone sees it, everyone feels the pain and yet no one can do anything to heal the wound or extinguish the burn from the tears and neglect.
The reopening hurts more than the first cut because now more people are involved in the poking, pulling and exposing. The tiny cut has become a crater. At the end of February, it is left alone. The ohhs and ahhs are over and the wound is left to either fester and infect the souls of some or crust over and try to heal itself...until the next year.

Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of Black History Month - excuse me, the mere 28 days of flipping through the pages of time, but it needs a change. . What started off as Negro History Week in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, became National African American History Month, has evolved into a few glorious days of "black face."

A Black face here, a Black face there, here a face, there a face, everywhere a Black face.
Thing is, it's always the same Black faces. The same fighters, writers, teachers and inventors. Who are the ones we don't know? Where are the ones we haven't been introduced to?
I would like history more if Blacks and other minorities were acknowledeged every day of the year. I bet the wounds would heal when prejudice and misconception is replaced with pride, knowledge and acceptance. Where is the book that does this?
Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History, is the only American history book in print (or e-Book) to give accolades to ALL races of Americans for their contributions to America's formation and growth. It is the ultimate celebratory vehicle for Black History Month. The perfect way to reintroduce the world to  America's true history. Just read some of the feedback.http://amzn.to/BeadsUS

  • Through Beads on a String, you are introduced to individuals you may never have heard about. Their contributions should be noted daily. ACKNOWLEDGE.
  • In Beads on a String there are short biographies of hundreds of people from activists to actresses.Bits of history.
  • There are links to auditory and visual contributions.audio/visual contributions

Each time I see an African-American male safely and peacefully walking on the streets of the city, I immediately think about the dangers the Black males  faced each time they left their homes. Today, it is possible for men to stand or move about without the constant care or worry of being jumped, yanked from the streets and killed simply because they are Black.
As I watch these guys, especially the ones just clowning around looking like idiots. Or when I read the news of Black on Black crime (not excusing any crime) I wonder three things:
  • Do these males realize how blessed they are?
  • Do they ever think about the path their ancestors had to walk down so they can reap the benefits?
  • What have they really learned about America's history and the role minorities played in it?
History was written in more than black and white and should be taught and illuminated to the world on the daily.