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Who and What Are (were) the Republicans?

I have learned quit a bit through my study to know more about the political parties. I would never have figured  the Republican party was once viewed as the 'savior' of the African American people. On March 20, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin a group of anti-slavery activist men and women pulled together to form the Republican Party and to stop the Democrats.
Republicans in Congress also enacted the nation’s first-ever Civil Rights Act, which extended citizenship and equal rights to people of all races, all colors, and all creeds. I would never have known In 1875, the Republicans expanded these protections to give all citizens the right of equal access to all public accommodations. Struck down by the Supreme Court eight years later, this landmark legislation would be reborn as the 1964 Civil Rights Act.      
Republicans led the fight for women’s rights, and most suffragists were Republicans. These included two African-American women who were also co-founders of the NAACP: Ida Wells and Mary Terrell, great Republicans.

Despite fierce Democrat opposition, Republicans passed constitutional amendments banning slavery, extending the Bill of Rights to the states, guaranteeing equal protection of the laws and due process to all citizens, and extending the right to vote to persons of all races and backgrounds. Kind of funny to see how Republicans are know trying to do everything in their power, and losing I might add, to suppress the ability for African Americans, other minorities and the poor to be able to vote. Almost in the daily you can read headlines about judges over turning attempts if voter suppression. In Texas alone I'm disappointed in the attempted fraud by the claims of thousands, just in the month of September receiving letters proclaiming living individuals to be dead. Thank God, the voter purging was over turned and being overturned in many states.

 All of the 'first Blacks', women and other minorities in the political arena were of the Republican Party until 1935. That is until the white flight and the Negrophobe kicked in and the Southern Strategy was developed. In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to the Republican Party strategy of winning elections or to gain political support in the Southern section of the country by appealing to racism against African Americans. Some give the use of the term to Kevin Phillips, Nixon's political strategist. He believed the Democrats that still harbored hate for the Black race would leave their party and run over to the Republicans. Seems he was right. Those who could not handle desegregation, the fair treatment or advancement of colored people, became Republicans. This disgrace of a strategy continues on to this day and has grown to include the mockery of other minorities with promotion of racist commercials. Check out the 7 most racist commercials as posted on The Root.  I believe it shows how small minded, this party is when it stoops to hate mongering in order to win an election. Even sadder is when it is such an accepted practice, it is an expected occurrence for the Presidential debates. 

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