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Summer in "Indie" land #IAN1

So, Summer has arrived full blast and burning hot. I'm so wishing I could run off to a faraway place for a vacation, but alas, that wish is like a coin thrown into a leaky fountain. Since I'm still having this challenge with unemployment, I more than likely may have to remain home and continue my staycation by the side of the pool. So far, this staycation has been a trip from hell and I'm ready to move on. And saying that, I want to invite you guys on a trip with me.  I have booked a round trip, multiple stop, ticket to Indieland and the ticket has a no limit to traveler's clause, so don't worry no one will kick you off. Grab your glasses, your favorite ereader and prepare for an enlightening ride. You are about to enter a world of storylines that will blow your mind.

Indieland is a world filled with awesome, self-assured, authors, who have a lot to share and hopefully, I will be able to post about an ark load before the summer is over. But first let's visit the 'ticketbooth' to Indieland, The Independent Author Network, better known as IAN.

As a reader, here in The Reader' Cafe you meet new authors, read excerpts from their books, and/or view their book trailers in The Trailer Park. This is a must stop area. As a treat, this month you have a chance to win an iPad2 along with Starbuck cards.
As an indieauthor there is no better place to be.  The spotlight is on you and your books, the doors are open and all are welcomed. Be sure to heck out the Author Services. My page-, just to show you I have taken the trip before. And loved it.
There are also a few reviews of books from Indieland on my book review site Wade-In to Book Reviews

Okay, seeing as you're glassy eyed with expectation and dying to get over there, I'll let you go. But I'll be checking in on you and sharing more about Indieland. See you in a few.