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Amazon, Why is Posting Reviews So Hard?

Okay,so I was skimming, I should say 'speed reading' through this awesome post by fellow Kindle author Tim Ellis http://timellis.weebly.com/1/post/2011/04/evolving-language-book-tags-likes-and-reviews.html (No links, I'm posting from my Droid here people) and I was again struck by te fact bookstores make giving reviews hard for the reader. I have one question....why?

This is Amazon's review process. First the reader has to wait 24-72 hours after purchasing the book (Amazon doesn't care if they fell off the edge of the bed after staying up all night reading the book) to leave a review, then they have to sign in or make an account, or validate their account while giving all of their vital information(and blood), wait unil their email address is validated (another promise of many hours), write the review and then they are told it may take 24-72 hours before it is posted. God help them if they made a mistake. And what happens to the unfortunate soul who doesn't posses a credit card?

You would think Amazon (and Smashwords for that matter) would make it easier. Smashwords is just about the same. An account has to be setup just to buy the book. The only thing with that is it seems as if the buyer is setting up a publishing profile. They just want to buy my book for jebus *Homer Simpson voice* sake. This is totally frustrating for someone not familiar with the computer online rigamarole.
In my opinion a different system should be setup. Or is his a ruse to keep family and friends from stating their awesome reviews? Family and friends are customers, customers who read, customers who buy the book and should be able to write their reviews. The blood letting process they have to go through doesn't check DNA, so what's the big deal anyway? I say untie their hands so I can get reviews.