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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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Erasing History as We Know It

I read this article a few months ago in The Guardian "Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns" about the new things put in the history books.  Today it has resurfaced due to the Tea Party trying to change more of history. What I had never known is that whatever is chosen to be included in the history books by a few people from Texas is eventually taught to all children in American public schools. What a bunch of crock. This is nothing to close our eyes to.

The value of American history is about to be changed. What is expected to be voted on and more than likely to succeed is the elimination of vital parts of Our history. Any mention of the slave trade will be eliminated as will be Thomas Jefferson. People who were extreme believers in slavery, the necessity (not right) to bear arms will be illuminated. In the article it is also mentioned the study of Darwin will be replaced with military advanced technology.

This article is alarming because Texas with its purchases of millions of books tends to rule the publishing world. The majority of what is considered Liberal views will be eliminated from the history books. This is not even to mention the fact they want to put a black mark (excuse the pun) on the Civil Rights Movement.

The main thing I get from this article is the fact a few run it all. All it takes are a few radicals with crazy ideas to get in a group and make a change and for better or worse it affects everyone. the writers of this book even took out the author of a child's book because they confused his name with someone else. Way to research. If they couldn't get this right can you imagine what else 'wrong' this board of educators will be teaching the future rulers of America?

-->Hate and intolerance and ignorance will start in the history books, moves to sociology and before you know it is in the first readers of the kindergartners If there is a way to vote this down or eliminate the indoctrinate into the public school system, it should be done. It may seem like a little thing and not much can come from it, but look back into history (Jewish, racial, religious....) and you will see the little slaps, annoyances became tools of wars and mistreatment and the annihilation of many lives.
“I feel that we as Americans are all equal and held together by a common thread. Like a treasured beaded necklace of different colors held together on a string, we are held together by our necessities and our circumstances and our humanity. Every color helps to make the necklace beautiful. We can never be a totally separate entity! Americans of all colors are so integrated that if we hurt one, we hurt all. Just like that necklace of treasured beads, leave one out and the gap is seen. Break the chain and many of us are lost.

.What do you believe? This is my belief and I won't change it. 
This is the reason I wrote Beads on a String America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History, so that equality and tolerance can be taught to our children.

 Beads is available for download on Amazon, Smashwords , Sony or Kobo, Nook and iTunes. and ready for (whatever model) your eReader to eat it up.