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Restoring Her Mother's Place in HIstory~ Interview with LaSauria Kandi Allman

Lasuria Kandi Allman has worked tirelessly in the effort to get her mother recognized within the pages of history. It is one thing to be looked over for your contributions and a fine horrible thing to have someone else reap the benefits of all you have accomplished. She will not let her mother's contribution, unjustifiable arrests, and the lasing effect of down right torture to slip through their fingers,to be grasped and rewarded to another.

Lasuria Allman & Her mother- Mamie King-Chalmers

Daughter of Civil Rights Activist, Mamie King-Chalmers, Author, Writer, Poet, Co-host of ‘News, Views & Alerts w/ Yaa Kindred Spirit – Featuring: LaSuria, Civil Rights Activist, Black History Researcher, Community Service Coordinator for ‘Feeding My Neighbor’ Project, 14 yr. Member of Detroit Parents Network. Volunteers at Doolittle Center in Las Vegas helps feed the homeless & a member of ‘The Shrines of the Black Madonna Pan-African Church’ in affiliation United Christ Church -  40+ yrs Married, Mother of Jamal & Alante – Future Goals: to become a successful screen & script writer.

What made you write the novel Her Stolen Pride?
 My mother, Mamie King-Chalmers, life was stolen.  Her images, experiences, accomplishments, most of all her pride was stolen.  I wanted the world to know her and what she has done for humanity.
My Mother had been ignored by the world and the people who helped perpetrate a lie for nearly 30 years.  It's a true story,  key players are Movie Stars, Newscasters, city officials and ministers who covered up a lie for years, for their benefit.  My Mother suffered many of those years trying to set the record straight.  Her Stolen Pride is about my mother's Crusade For Justice.

How has the book been received in the historical realm of life?
 At this current time I am working towards having both of my mother's books placed in Libraries and Schools across the world.  Also, I have been trying to contact President Obama in order to officially honor my mother for her great work, contributions  participation, and as an organizer- standing her ground to the Children Crusade for The Civil Rights Movement.   Despite being targeted by Public Safety Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connors,  serving 5 days in jail under horrible inhumane conditions, upon Mother's release and a meal at the Gaston Hotel, she immediately returned to the forefront.
 Throughout her bravery and courage she feared not for herself and her own safety and life.  Her thoughts were for children coming after her, for their lives and their children's lives.  So that day May 3, when Bull Connors spotted her again he ordered the fire department to turn the hoses on those "Niggas so they don't have to take a bath."  Black Star photographer Charles Moore captured my mother in over hundred pictures which are now featured in Movies, books, history, documentaries, magazines etc.

So, in 1997 your mom found out her identity as the icon in the photograph was being claimed by someone else. Have you met, Alabamian Reverend Carolyn Maull Mckinstry, the person inadvertently assigned your mother’s place in history? Has there been an apology?

  No, we never met the imposter. We have attempted to contact her for the last 25 years.  We received one response from her claiming she was in the photo, with news clippings etc.  Which letters were sent to her demanding that ease her lies and claims.  R&B recording artist Anita Baker's lawyer sent letters to her at the request of my mother and her longtime friend Brenda Phillip-Hong who worked for the artist.  She never apologize to my mother for stealing her life, she only apologized to the deceased photographer Charles Moore.  Yet her Ministry speaks of forgiveness and reconciliation.  That is another scam for she has yet to apologize to my mother and clear her own slate,  She has shamed herself, her family, and Birmingham Alabama, Black History and The Civil Rights Movement for her
Your second book concerning your mother is Pride Restored. Tell us about this book
 Pride Restored will take you on my mother's journey of receiving her name and her life back.  The road of being honored and recognized for the good work she has done and continues to do.

What made you write it?
 The world needs to know my mother Mamie King-Chalmers.  For so long people knew and accepted the Imposter.  I want the world to know the truth, and what happened to my mother.

 Are there any other books in your future?
Yes, I have started my own publishing company called "Kandi Kane Ent.".
 I have 4 books published the titles are; Her Stolen Pride,  What People Do For Money, Buried Dreams, and My Street Life, available at TheBookPatch.com.  My Coming Soon books are; Pride Restored, The Players, Roll The Dice, Burna Block, and Strawberry's Letter.  Also Kandi Kane Ent is publishing for other authors; Get Up Time To Ride by James Gibson, Cooking With Sam by Sarmarra Burks, The Magic Hair Crew by Rebecca, Zion, Carcello Jr. Burks all due out this year.

  All my books can be purchased through TheBookPatch.com
Currently I'm in preparation of having a direct site to purchase books, Tshirts, Candles, Soaps, Posters, Key chains, Mugs etc. under both Stolen Pride and Kandi Kane Ent.
For booking  Mamie King-Chalmers and LaSuria Kandi Allman please contact me at lasuria83@gmail
909-264-0878 also for any additional information or publishing.
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