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I'm Ey Wade and I Am an Indie Author

I guess I should also say, and I'm not ashamed to say it. since it is the 4th of July, a day celebrated for it's freedoms, I'm going to bask in the freedom the world has now allowed writers of all genre'.

Though, from things I have read in forums on the internet and in various blogs, I should be hiding my head in the sand for the shame. Instead, I laugh in their 'nay-saying' faces.

To paraphrase a conversational post from a forum, 'no one wants to read a book written by a non-college graduate with 8th or 9th grade reading level'. Wow, such harshness from individuals who aren't bound, gagged or tortured into buying a book from an Indie  author. My take on the matter, to each his own. For every one against the Indie there are two or more for us.

Not all of the self-published write poorly and not all of the traditionally published deserve to have a book published. That's just a fact, crap is crap no matter what manner it is produced. The honest truth of the matter is that I as a reader, before becoming a writer, never gave a hoot about the company that published a book. Today, as an adult, I still don't care.
I feel a rant coming on, but I'll shake it off. The other day I read someone complaining about the number of five star reviews the Indie author's receive on their books. What? Why?

Why is it alright for a traditionally published author to receive 5 stars and not any other author? Why is an Indie Author's family and friends called 'sock puppets' because they read and review books and a traditional author's reviewers are the 'legitimate' readers? is it honestly believed all of their (traditional author) reviews come from unknown sources? Ridiculous.

All I can say is this, my family and neither my friends, are illiterates. If they pay for and read my books they become legitimate reviewers and I gladly accept their opinion. Hell, I'll gladly accept the fact they thought enough of my talents to buy a book.
*shudders expressively to shake off the irritation*
My name is Ey Wade and I am an Indie Author and proud of it.
Enjoy your holiday, people. In safety and fun.

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Meleanna said...

well said and you rock.

Ey Wade said...

Thanks so much. I didn't think anyone ever read my blog, lol.

L.A. Jones said...

I like self-publishing because with traditional publishers u have to sign over so many things and u cant control much of ur own writing. In my opinion maybe this will make publishing companies stop being such anarchists. By the way ur line about crap being crap ur right. Many publishers publish books that are nothing but pure garbage so I am glad that the feeling of independence is shared. Especially on the fouth.