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WTH is going on in America? We get a bunch of men (and it is always men) and let them rule over our finances, health and the education of our (I should say 'your') children and expect all to run smooth. Ha! I laugh at the oxymoron.
Men argue like little children on a playground all wanting to be king of the hill and all toppling over because they don't know what to do when they get to the pinnacle. And when they do get a pretty decent leader, they chop at his toes, hit him in the back, harass his butt near to death about and try to find ways to knock him down. WTH? Close down the government, take health care and benefits from the women...the backbone of the country. Where will you stand silly men? Without healthy women, your mothers, your daughters, your wives, the little things you chase on the street....what will be left of your world? Stupid little nimnims. Grow up and learn to work together.
We, as Americans have four major faults. America elects men who have great hopes in serving their country as President. These men put their lives and the lives of every member of their family on the line to do this and we erroneously expect big change in a small amount of time. We vote these men in, don't stand behind them, and then we publicly ridicule them. I applaud those men for their efforts. Hell, I applaud them just for the audacity to believe they can make a change for the better.

1. We forget about the time it takes to clean the mess from the former tenants. Mess piles on top of years of mess and requires time and help to clear.
2. We bitch whine, and complain about what we want. Forgetting it’s not about the individual, but what's good for the country.
3. We ignore the haters and the friends left behind from the former tenants who won't play nice and cause flack and gridlock to this new leader.
4. When this new leader finally starts to make a path and improve things (regardless of what we, who have no idea how to run a country believes) we kick him out and vote in another poor bleeding heart sucker and we start all over. Insanity.

What I am saying is this, when we are fighting for a 'cause' we must remember we are fighting the system and not a person. We have to be diligent in collecting facts, have an unbreakable, unbeatable plan, and remember all of our foes may not be of one color. Pay attention to the present. What we consider 'small things' is happening daily in the schools; on the jobs; in the government. Pay attention so we don't step back in time.  Stop trying to benefit from the past.