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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

WADE-IN PUBLISHING.COM Fiction and non-fiction that expounds on topics we all discuss within the comforting tight circles of our closest friends. Topics such as race, children books, family, personal relations, the welfare system, old school child rearing and childcare. E-book publications. Novels that make you ask.... AM I REALLY THE PERSON I CLAIM TO BE?


Wassailing Three Kings (queens)-@slushpilehero,@jterzieff,@EisleyJacos

You may not be joining and having the fun I am, but I'm still a-wassailing. Today I'm doing a three-for and visiting three queens I follow on twitter. Dust off that star you three cuz: Here We Come A-Wassailing".

Using the robot (from Futurerama) as avatar @slushpilehero (my hero in more ways than she can imagine) was the first person I saw when I began using twitter, I was enthralled by the name and the quick and funny twits she wrote. Without a doubt I knew she would be entertaining and informative.  Oh, my God was I ever right. I visited her website and was pulled in completely by her writing. At the time she was a struggling writer and now she is about to become the outstanding published author she deserves to be. Though we have never met I am really proud of and very happy for her. Known in the real world as S. S. Michaels she is represented by Mark McVeigh of The McVeigh Agency. She used to work in film and television (Scott Free, Dick Clark productions, inc., CBS)
Here webpage , Slush Pile Hero features the funniest interviews with authors such as Jeremy C. Shipp (whose clowns scare the twisted balloons right out of me) and so many others you must go over and check them out for yourself. Read some of her short stories, especially Humana Planet  and get a thrill and spread some Christmas spirit.

From  eavesdropping on slushpilehero's twitter conversations I started following Eisley of Eisley's Ellipses where more of her fascinating life is revealed. We have somethings in common. She home schools (my home-schoolers are now college age, about to graduate and a graduate), we care for other's children, and we are writers. Eisley is a YA/middle grade author.  In January she will be releasing an ebook Dragons Forever and by the 1st of February or March the book will be in traditional form. Go on over and treat Eisley to a little wassailing. She shares great information on her vlogs,I'm a little envious of her Ipad.
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I follow  @jterzieff  on twitter because I found out the serious side of her from her twitter convo with Eisley, but I was also able to see how humorous she could be. On her site Juliette Terzieff  I learned she is the author of hundreds of articles and presentations on human rights, international politics, globalization and development.Terzieff is also a prolific public speaker. Her speaking topics relate to the role of business in human rights, women’s and children’s rights, human trafficking, child labor, American politics, international relations and cross-cultural understanding.  I just love what she stands for. Honesty, integrity, fairness, and the belief in the human spirit.

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Eisley Jacobs said...

I am so honored! Thank you calling me a queen ;) Takes one to know one. Ha! :)

Ey Wade said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Made my day.