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Does Your Laptop/Computer Push Your Buttons?

The invention of the computer...scratch that, the laptop has got to be the most valuable manifestation in life.

Don't get me wrong, I've lived through the favorite pen/pencil faze. The 'I can't write without my best pen' phenom. The one I use now I have had for ten years. A friend gave it to me for my first book signing. Isn't it lovely. I just buy refills and keep on going.
There have been times I thought I would cry when I missed placed it, but it all ways comes back to rest quietly in my right hand. I only put it down to tap the keys of my laptop.

Now my laptop, even though it has been replaced at least four times, has become a favorite, but a problem. Stupid little piece of junk often tries to stall my creative juices by malfunctioning at the most critical times. Last week it decided to show its ugly side and present the dreaded "bluescreen of death". Have you ever seen it? It is a sight to make a writer cry. It first shows its despicable control of my computer by restarting over and over and over....My desktop and two other laptops have died from this problem. Last week I refused to bury another. After calling a repair shop and being slapped with the ridiculous option of paying the minimum of $35 an hour (I'm barely making that a week) to have it 'looked at', I decided to do my usual and ask Jeeves for a solution. And I found it after hours of search and trial and error. There is a certain phrase that comes up when trying to start in safe mode or safe mode with networking "Loading SPDT , push escape to quit" or something to that nature. anyway I found that if you:
  1. push escape you go into safe mode
  2. agree this is what you want to do (not restore)
  3. go into my computer, click on C drive and open windows folder to find system32
  4. search for the SPDT watchamacallit and delete it--voila the computer will then start correctly.
Some say this is not a virus, but may cause some systems to not work. Well, whatever it was its gone. I have run virus scans like spybot,ad-aware,malawarebytes,and superantispyware to remove a few other small pests. Did the defrag and chkdsk and pretended I 'had this'. Thank God for knowing how to read, right. Things are back to normal.
Tomorrow I'll tell you the drama about AT&T and connecting back to the Internet.