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Chains Are Everywhere

Today is Juneteenth. A great day in Texas history. A day when the wild west finally received the memo to unchain the slaves. Today is a great day to relearn America's history and applaud every immigrant that came to America in a do or die fashion and followed the laws of the land. They became American citizens
It's great to want to be an American, but we have to realize all houses have rules. You can't just decide you want to live in a house, break in through unguarded windows or doors and become a legal resident. You have to follow the law or be kicked out. Plain and simple. I don't agree with the full laws of Arizona  but I understand the concept.

The thing is when laws or embraced and ideals of another are blindly followed, we can end up in chaos. We must always step back and remember our histories. Racial and religious profiling start from small things. Sure its easy to decide a person is an immigrant by there color, but all immigrants aren't brown, black or yellow. Eventually it will be decided everyone has to carry some sort of card to prove we legally belong in America. Once that's settled the zealous will find another target. Oh, wait...the language accent is now the target. Teachers, (and Lord knows the public schools need great and willing teachers) are being threatened to be put out of their classes because of their accents. If Johnnie couldn't read in his first four grade levels, why is the fifth grade teacher the blame?

After language comes religion. What would be the first? How about Catholic? Aren't they full of pedophiles? No, what about those crazy Christians. Chasing some phantom in the sky.

Next will be the books we read, the foods we eat, the television shows we watch, our age, the people we vote for....
The chains aren't who we are or what we do, but what we believe.

Today is Juneteenth and I wonder, just where is the freedom?

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