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As I traveled through my twitter peeps I ran across one directing me to the Youtube stream of Tiger Woods' apologizing for his affairs. After the first seconds of watching I questioned my reasoning for wasting my time and clicked off.

Why was I watching? Do I get a kick out of seeing someone publicly humiliated, because he definitely doesn't owe me an apology. His affairs don't affect me in the least, nor does it really affect anyone else beyond his family and maybe a few close friends. Why should we have expected this man to stand above common human actions, hell if he needed to apologize then I should have seen a line of other adulterers formed directly behind him.

I could maybe see Tiger apologizing if he had stood in front of the world and blatantly lied about his wrong doings, but he hadn't.I could maybe see him apologizing if he were the POTUS, but he isn't.

I just don't believe in public apologies or forced apologies. The heart felt remorse on the face can never be truly trusted because one would wonder if it were because of public humiliation or sincere regret. I say get the hell over it world and get out of other people's business.
Oh, and I'm not apologizing for using my picture because I haven't had a good one in years. Lol.