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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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After following a few articles from recommendations on Twitter I became aware of  headlines which fit so well with manuscripts I have been working on. I found it amazing how close headlines fit to the works of the written word

The Perfect Solution is a novel written about a child mistakenly given to a stranger by his preschool teacher. Many people believe such a thing couldn’t happen and yet, the headline SEARCH FOR GIRL TAKEN BY IMPOSTER from a U.K. paper shouts a different belief. An 18 month old child was given to a stranger by the police who were in charge of her protection. Both the book and the true life incident reeks of poor supervision by the authorities in charge. The Perfect Solution also addresses many other incidents occurring in some child care centers as does articles like these Ohio Daycare Workers Giving Sleepaid to Children and  Community Activist selling moonshine in Childcare.
Unfortunately, with the Perfect Solution poor choices were made through the handling of an incompetent agent and now the novel is being shopped around. This could be a great time for manu review, just sayin'.
 In the headline Bradley videoed abuse children, Dr. Earl B. Bradley abuses his pediatric patients. He faces  27 charges including four charges of first-degree rape, two charges of second-degree rape and 14 charges of sexual exploitation of a child. It seems to me to be a total waste of the judicial system to give this guy a 'fair trial'. I have tired of the news reports of the innocent children being abused and wondered what would happen if a common citizen decided to take retribution on child molesters. At the moment I am working on a project I titled The Fishing Trip. This story is part of a series I am working on titled Life Demanding Action.   In The Fishing Trip a man named Durham takes revenge on all of the child molesters he encounters. In the novel some of the most violent and horrendous acts on children are performed and the abusers face retribution. In my opinion anyone who has the sick mind to rape and/or commit other acts of violence on children, should just accept the fact they will die without a trial.