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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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Taking Care is no Joke. The Perfect Solution...A page turner. A book every parent that has a child in daycare or considering putting a child in daycare should read. Nancy Y. Wade's debut book looks into how each parent should be reminded that we are our child's first teachers.
A. Wilson Child Protective Services

The truest statements. As owner of The Learn & Play Day care center, I recommend the Perfect Solution by Nancy Y. Wade. It has sparked my concerns as both a parent and a center owner. My concerns for the safety of the young lives in my hands were to such an extent that I implemented new security measures into the center.
M. Swopes (Beaumont, Texas USA) Owner/Director Learn and Play Child Development Center

A Concerned Care Giver-Reading the book "The Perfect Solution" was definitely an "eye opener." Being a caregiver for many years as well as a Director of a daycare, I would highly recommend this book as a required reader for a training class in Child Development. Using it to create make believe situations to train potential caregivers to see what could be done to stop things like that from happening. I don't think the general public realizes the impending dangers that lurk around day cares from desperate people who are not allowed to see their child(ren) or people who are desperate to have their own child(ren) such as in the book. This book is definitely a "Wake Up Call" to parents and caregivers who have to rely on any Child Care Center. Donna Guilbeau (Beaumont, Texas USA)

I totally enjoyed this serious but tasteful book. Nancy Wade wrote her book based on her 20 plus years in child care and most parents will appreciate her candid insight concerning their children well being in even the best established day care centers. From the very first word until the last; I found myself reading the book and mentally visualizing what was going on just like I was at a movie. She carefully described every setting and explained how all the characters would have a role in the final outcome. The book was very well written and easily read. I believe this was purposefully done. A lot of authors love throwing out big words and confuse their audience. Nancy must have realized that most people like to read but hate having to pull out a dictionary to understand what is going on. In conclusion; the author wrote a great book and one that should be on the best sellers list. Ernest Johnson (Maryland)
I really loved the book. I didn't know it was so easy to get a child out of a daycare center. Very Interesting A Customer
The Perfect Solution,
Ms.Wade,Your book help my interest from page 2 and I couldn't put the book down until I read the very last page. Loved the characters and it makes you think about some day cares and questions that opens the mind about day cares. All pay more attention when children talk. Keep writing more books and let me know when your next book is publish. E.Jones (Texas)
Informative and entertaining. I recommend The Perfect Solution highly. It should be a movie! That way more people could see how negligent some centers are. Nancy wrote a great book. I love that way the conversations flowed throughout the book. The people seemed so real as if you could meet them down the street. As a person who has walked into centers to get children for others, I believe some of the security measures should be instituted into center lives. More people should by the book and write their reviews so that the word could spread. A Customer
I Never Knew. I was so amazed to find out that some people and some centers could be so careless with young lives. I really liked the story. It was very entertaining while telling so much. I will never take the safety in daycare centers for granted again. I recommend the book highly. Wish I could buy enough to share with the world. Jake (Kansas, USA)
An Informative and touching story. The Perfect Solution should be a movie. It reads so true. As a mother, and a daycare worker. I can see the book from all sides. Children are such helpless individuals and we as workers sometimes take their presence for granted. Tired by the end of the day we sometimes just want to hand them off so we can leave. I shall forever be more watchful. It put a fear in me. I hope more people read the book and write their reviews. It should be all over the world. M.E. (Virginia, USA)


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