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BEADS ON A STRING-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History book. The first to include Sarah Collins Rudolph,the 5th and forgotten little girl in the Birmingham Church Bombing, into the pages of history.

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You still rabid mad? In a land of Immigrants and beautiful colors? bit.ly/WeAreBeads #IStandWithDreamers #BeadsOnAString #ThisIsUs #AmeicaLandOfImmigrants #history

Why y'all so mad, though? Why does a person of color, speaking out for him/her ethnicity anger you?

The feelings on prejudice and discrimination is an individual thing. YOU chose how you will react when confronted with another person's opinions and experiences. Be rabid mad, but don't think you're so privileged you have the right to take the same angry feelings from the one who is living the discrimination.
Racism- is a conscious social and institutional action and if it is shown on the job, where you live, shop or are entertained, it can and should be addressed. And true it isn't always just a "white"  thing, but if you ignore the fact it's there,  doesn't make it go away. PSA: If you, as a person of non-color feel you're being racially profiled- it's on you to stand up for yourself. We ain't mad at you. Self-preservation first. Stand up for yourself, but don't beat others down for doing the same.

Shouting all lives matter because you get upset a Black person says their life matters, ONLY proves you think that a Black person's life really doesn't matter- to you. Cuz, you can damn well bet your life matters to you and push come to shove, you will save yourself, first.

If you're saying "all lives matter," Black lives are in that statement. But you're angry cuz Black people agree with you , Black Lives Matter.
Bringing up every crime statistic to try and prove what race commits more crime and kills their members more than the other- doesn't give you points. Except to say you aren't seeing the big picture - WE AS HUMANS are killing each other over things- ridiculous.
And if you think WE as a Black community, as people of color- aren't angry and working on ending crime in the streets- I'm going to have to call you on that ignorant bullsh*t. That would be the same as me saying, White people don't care nothing about the mass killing of their children and family members, because those white on white crimes occur. A dumba**ed assumption, riiight?
Bringing up every other atrocity that has been committed in AMERICA to every other ethnicity, while trying to belittle or whitewash 400 years of Black slavery and oppression and then try to tell us to get over it, that's a waste of time. WE can not get over it. Not when the present has remnants of that same terror. If you don't see it, no one can open your eyes.

*addendum* swallow that "but who sold slaves 1st" line. I refuse to lean into that whitewashed lie. Just remember, only winners write the history books. You can't sale what no one buys.  HUMANS were kidnapped, tortured, raped, mutilated and kept for generations- as slaves and that was on American soil.

If you are angry/jealous/envious about TV channels, schools, organizations, award shows, etc. that have the word BLACK, on it, you have to ask yourself "why am I so angry at that word?" It doesn't say "all others excluded"  behind it. Are you angry at all the other ethnicities and races that have labels on their own? If it's simply the word black that makes you angry, you may need to get some help for that, sounds personal. Your insanity is waaay beyond our control.

*addendum* Don't be mad if the race card is played when the game wasn't invented, the deck wasn't stacked and the cards weren't dealt, by us. We were pulled into the game, and now we're playing by your rules. Don't like it, stop the damned games.

If you're crying because nothing is labeled White, don't be, we naturally/automatically assume it's yours, but if you want to run off and label things, feel free. America has been there, seen that- we hated it and fixed that. We'll do it again.

If you want to run around yelling White pride, go ahead- we've been there, lived that, and have seen a lot of strange fruit hanging around to prove it.
If you have to point out how things have improved in society when it comes to some acts of racism- I'll stand and applaud with you. Cuz yeah, now we can eat, work, educate, and piss right along side of you.

Just remember while we're applauding, WE didn't get that privilege because we deserved it as humans, as Americans, as natural born citizens - it's because we had to FIGHT, and argue, and die for it through organizations with the word "black," on it and with the Civil Rights Movement. Same movement that you reap benefits from. Same movement that has now spawned the Black Lives Matter. Same movement that received the same treatment, and anger that is being shown to a new generation. Because we still have to stand and shout that our Black life matters as much as the next persons.

So, why y'all so mad, though?  If the calling out of racism doesn't pertain to you, doesn't help you, depresses you, pisses you off-don't internalize it. It's not for you. Take a seat.